The Vancity E​.​P.

by Dubgee

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released 19 September 2002



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Track Name: Blunted on a Sunday
It goes lights, camera, action
No lets all pretend we big stars
Driving fancy cars
Drinking expensive drinks at the hottest bar
That's not reality by a long shot - so far
we on our second bottle of henney but anyways
A penny saved or so I heard,
is a penny earned
Im putting it away for a rainy day
Which come plenty where I'm from the sun doesn't shine everyday
I clip the leaf, keep the bud, put the stem away
I light it up and write it down like Ernest Hemingway
(Now im not trying to say the dude smoked weed, just that I like to smoke weed and write like he did.)
We take it back to the essence of rap
I'm just trying to keep the clothes on my back
Which one of you haters got anything against that
I'm just your average Rhoades, George Donna or Jack
Dubgee on the CD, the same on my hat
Dubgee is on a Macintosh trying to keep track
The day that I quit is the day that I die
and I aint ready to kick the bucket why lie?
Transforming beats more than meets the eye
The kick brought some weed now my hats are high
my snares messed up he drank too much rye
piano talked shit and made the strings all cry
bass guitar jumped off the roof tried to fly
conductor held his head let out a sigh
and asked anybody why me
but this is Dubgee
I take my fun serious, why don't you try me?

So when you see me and I'm out in the streets
Stop by say hi tell me if you like the music
and if you used to choose a different type of flavour
that's cool stay true to it
Everyone will change somehow
Some later some now
and most already done it
so Imma have a little fun getting blunted on a Sunday
and hopefully, we'll meet each other someday

Yo Dubgee is up to bat
I caught the pitch right under the stitching yo how you feel about that?
See these are my beats and my words
but this is Road Dogg's Vodka and Road Dogg's herbs
so figure out what I paid for
I hope you stay for the rest of the album
you not my fans you my peers and I can't live without em
this is my challenge cant win it if Im doubting myself
Im not counting myself out yet
I mellow out unplugged
Music is my outlet, this is my first true love
who needs to know what Im made of
Chords strings melodies all of the above
Now back in 93 when I had first just started to rap
I took band class but lyrics is where my heart was at
and even then I saw a casket
Judge, Jury Executioner I think it's time to bury the hatchet
A quick phone call is all I'm asking
Plus I know you smoke, so take two tokes before you pass it
93' til infinity this is my passion
don't count on no one else til I'm the last man standin

And when you see me.........
Track Name: Blaze
Yo I can think of a million and one ways
to begin my days but what do I do?
get out of bed and begin to blaze
this hippy crack or T.H.C.
making my eyes see red
making my lungs feel black
but Dubgee is still unreleased
that's right no CD's
you could jack from A&B or your HMV's
so let the ceremony start
It's Vancity to the heart
right this way sir, Im taking you to the top of the charts
Now as you work your way in
follow the chords and the strings
open your ears and close your eyes
and hear my homegirls sing
that's the shit im talking about
this thai stick is as rich as mine with that crystal clout
rocking Corona's with O but VSE he got a Guiness stout
Ay Yo can I get a witness? SHOUT!
But I can only bring it to you in so many ways
Everybody throw a J in the air and just blaze

Yo I got woke the fuck up
with a toke of some freshly rolled chronic
homey just fired up
It's Dubgee are you high or what?
Everybody get your slice, piece of the pie percentage or your cut y'all

I hope yall brought the isopropynol we can quick fast make this cash and stack some cash
I don't slang weed but Ill trade some for ass
Yo I know enough to keep my needs first and wants last I'm still looking through the want ads hoping to find a job
I remember when I was looking to find God
now Im on the couch just trying to hide a cough
don't slouch and move soft my ace is high
and OX is obviously lost
but at what cost?
Tell me that the price aint right
A couple of brain cells nothing to stay high all night
As long as I remember my rhymes yo
I should be all right

I dont fight unless Im drunk flying with these birds
flying of these herbs serving all you chronic smokers herbs
but if you don't smoke ill twist you can get pissed it's just a phase Im misty now could somebody please just blaze?